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The In Between
April 2-June 12, 2021
Curated by Chelsea A. Flowers

Featured Artists

Mariam Ezzat
Cameron Granger
Tony Rave
Adee Roberson

COVID-19 has transformed the normativity of our creative practices. Challenging and transforming the ways in which we convene, engage and think about art. COVID’s perversion of creative practices has exhausted creative energies in one form or another, creating voids in artistic work. I have had many conversations with colleagues and friends about the state of their creative practice, and many of us are navigating an undefinable “in between” physical and mental space. But what does that inbetween look like? Is it a virtual studio visit? Is it revisiting past works? Is it pushing through and working as normal? Is it pausing current work? A one off? A study? An incomplete series?

Intrigued by the manner in which artists share the “in between” of their practice, I flocked to social media, my main source of interconnection during this time. 

By mining of artists’ social media, I highlight the beauty derived from COVID-19’s interruption of the artistic practices of Mariam Ezzat, Cameron Granger, Tony Rave and Adee Roberson. Each artist navigates differently and reflects their own definition of the “in between.”