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Precarious Performances
June 21- Augst 6, 2021
Curated by Chelsea A. Flowers

Featured Artists

Marcellus Armstrong
Luis Vasquez La Roche

Are precarious objects automatically performative? Is a feather or piece of plastic floating around in the wind doing a performative dance? Or, do we as humans project our ideas onto banal objects? In taking a second look at a blade of grass, a flower, an eyelash, a candlestick; do we access a deeper understanding of the ontological, the cultural or socio-political history objects?  

As people that traverse this earth, no object is unaffected by human’s cultural influence. This is undoubtedly seen and experienced by people of the global majority. While all skin folk are not kinfolk there is a cultural universality for Black people of spaces, places and objects like sugarcane, fields of cotton, and paraphernalia in a beauty supply store. These materials and locations are remnants and active products of colonialism, redlining and other methods of erasure of African Diasporic peoples.

This exhibition, Precarious Performances, features the work and cultural narratives of Marcellus Armstrong and Luis Vasquez La Roche. Through degradation and rebuilding of culturally and historically charged objects, Armstrong and Vasquez curate precarious performative objects that divulge and uplift Black cultural narratives.